Faculty Senate

at the University of Evansville

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Committee Charge

The committee shall make recommendations to the President in regard to promotion and tenure of faculty. The committee shall act upon the recommendation of the appropriate department chairs, deans, and promotion and tenure committees of the schools and colleges. It shall also receive written petitions from faculty members who have consulted with their departments and/or deans and who wish to be considered for promotion or tenure.

Chair: Erin Davis

Reporting Secretary: Alanna Keenan

Laura Dwyer 2023

Engineering & Computer Science:
Doug Stamps 2023

Fine Arts:
Todd Matteson 2024

Graduate Health Sciences:
Andy Lampkins 2025

James MacLeod 2024

Nat Sci/Mathematics:
Erin Davis 2025

Social Sciences & Library:
Mark Shifflet 2024

Undergraduate Nursing, Education & Health Sciences:
Bill Stroube 2024