Faculty Senate

at the University of Evansville

Fiscal Affairs Committee

Committee Charge

The committee shall initiate and recommend to the President, on behalf of the Senate, policies regarding fiscal matters. The committee shall be consulted by budget-makers at several stages of the budget-making process and give advice and counsel regarding allocating resources, adjusting faculty compensation, changing benefits, improving facilities, anticipating needs, and ranking priorities for major capital improvements. It shall present to the Faculty Senate periodic reports of its activities and shall seek to keep the faculty informed on expenditures in the areas of instruction, library, financial aid, athletics, administration, maintenance, capital improvements, salaries, fringe benefits, retirement options, and any other areas which may seem appropriate.

Chair: Dan Byrne

Reporting Secretary: Dan Byrne

Martha Stilwell 2023

Engineering & Computer Science:
Jared Fulcher 2023

Fine Arts:
Timothy Zifer 2025

Graduate Health Sciences:
Mark Marchino 2025

Dan Byrne 2023

Nat Sci/Mathematics:
Mark Davis 2025

Social Sciences & Library:
Mari Plikuhn 2024

Undergraduate Nursing, Education & Health Sciences:
Gregg Wilson 2024

SGA President:
Shane Ranschaert

SVPAA ex officio:
Michael Austin

VPFA&A ex officio:
Donna Teague

VPSA/DofS ex officio:
Dana Clayton

AD ex officio:
Kenneth Siegfried

VPIA ex officio:
Abigail Werling

VPE&M ex officio:
Jill Griffin