Faculty Senate

at the University of Evansville

Curriculum Committee

Committee Charge

The committee shall review policy and recommend changes in policy regarding all academic programs of the University to the Faculty Senate, including graduation requirements, general education, and changes in departmental offerings.

It shall review routine proposals for changes from departments. It shall evaluate existing curricula and programs and recommend revisions to the Faculty Senate.

It shall evaluate proposed new degrees, majors, minors, degrees and certificates carrying University credit, and recommend new degrees and majors to the Faculty Senate. It shall also consider proposals for deletions of degrees and majors and recommend actions on such proposals to the Faculty Senate. (Additions or deletions of degrees and majors must also be approved by the President and the Board of Trustees.)

Chair: Danielle Williams

Reporting Secretary: Lora Becker

Ben Johnson 2022

Su Jin Jeong 2024

Jared Fulcher 2024

Fine Arts:
Demian Kogutek 2024

Health Sciences:
Bethany Huebner 2023

Edward Curran 2022

Danielle Williams 2023

Nat Sci/Mathematics:
Roslyn Lampkins 2022

Social Sciences:
Beth Hennon 2023