Faculty Senate

at the University of Evansville

Athletic Committee

Committee Charge

The Faculty Athletics Committee's primary function is to provide faculty input to the Athletic Administration in areas that relate to and have an impact on the academic pursuits of the university. The Committee's primary goal is to promote and ensure the best environment for the student athlete. Toward that end, the committee shall be kept informed on, and may initiate and/or recommend to the Athletic Administration, policy relative to intercollegiate athletics in the following areas: (1) compliance with governmental, NCAA, and academic accrediting agency regulations, (2) scheduling, status and level of competition in each sport (including pre-season and post-season contests) and conference affiliations, (3) financial aid, academic eligibility, and athletic awards for student-athletes, (4) the addition or deletion of any varsity sport, (5) long range planning, and (6) personnel changes. Policies and proposed changes in them should be brought to the Faculty Athletics Committee for discussion and advice. Reports of the actions taken by the Faculty Athletics Committee shall be submitted to the Faculty Senate.

Chair: Chun-Ming Chen

Reporting Secretary: Meg Atwater-Singer

Omer Bayar 2023

Amy McBride 2023

Doug Stamps 2023

Fine Arts
Chun-Ming Chen 2022

Health Sciences:
Theresa Price 2022


Meg Atwater-Singer 2024

Nat Sci/Mathematics:
Darrin Weber 2024

Social Sciences:
Vinn Campese 2023

SAAC Student:
Grant Kay

SGA Students: