Faculty Senate

at the University of Evansville

A&S Subcommittees

Admissions and Standards Committee

Committee Charge

The committee shall develop and recommend to the Faculty Senate new policies or changes in policies relative to the admission of new and transfer students, probation regulations, standards to qualify students for the Dean's List, degree with honors, and other appropriate recognitions of scholarly achievement, academic advising, grading structures, readmissions, overloads, residence requirements, and other matters pertaining to academic standards.

In addition, it is empowered to make certain exceptions regarding academic matters when the student, faculty member, or administrator involved suggest that unusual circumstances may make such exceptions proper.

Possible cases include requests to be admitted when admissibility to the University is questionable, to remain after being automatically dropped for academic reasons, to return after being dropped, to appeal a course grade, or to graduate without fulfilling residence requirements.

Chair: Kate Schwartzkopf-Phifer

Reporting Secretary: Andy Lampkins

Yolanda Obaze 2023

Troy Coppus 2022

James Allen 2022

Fine Arts:
Chun-Ming Chen 2024

Health Sciences:
Kate Schwartzkopf-Phifer 2024

Sara Petrosillo 2022

Danielle Williams 2023

Nat Sci/Mathematics:
Ann Powell 2024

Social Sciences:
Kevin Gray 2022



VPAA ex officio:
Michael Austin